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Please note - Pop A Lock of Honolulu will do our best to leave your vehicle in the same condition we encountered it in. However, the lock-out services we provide can often be accompanied by some minor damage. This is an intrusive service that requires us to use force to enter a vehicle (by permission of the owner) in order to unlock doors. There can be minor scrapes/scratches to paint and or window tint. Pop A Lock does not reimburse of cover this kind of damage and by requesting service, you agree to these terms.

Pop A Lock of Oahu maintains a regular staff to respond to roadside assistance calls on a 24/7 basis. (jumpstarts, car lock-outs, gas delivery, tire changing)
Our Locksmith services are generally available through most times of the day but, depending on manpower may not be available in the late hours of the evening or early mornings. We will always do our best to respond to locksmith requests in a timely manner.

Our service techs will respond to calls for service in the most efficent and safe manner possible. Please understand that there are ocasionally times when an unforeseen delay will cause a longer than normal wait time but, in the event that this happens, please know that it was because of circumstances beyond our control.

If you have any questions or comments, you may reach us directly at:

Please be aware that a credit card is necessary in order to dispatch one of our service technicians or locksmiths. We cannot dispatch any personnel on the promise of cash payment.

Pop A Lock will charge a $25 fee for any requested services that are cancelled once one of our technicians or locksmiths is dispatched.

Pop A Lock of Oahu is a franchisee operating separately from and other Pop a Lock business in the state of Hawaii or on the mainland. We maintain standards as prescribed in our agreement through corporate Pop A Lock but, are responsible for our own employees and promotional efforts. Thank you for choosing Pop A Lock.